We offer a variety of services for churches. These are: a. Member Portraits or Identification The Church community, without a doubt, helps a lot of people. Because of this, the members deserve to be given credit for their dedication in service. You would want to leave footprints on the people’s hearts, and you would also want to leave a mark on their minds with your friendly-looking portraits. Having high quality portraits/photos on your IDs will give each member an opportunity to be remembered, not only for the sake of recognition, but also for the sake of people knowing who they can approach in times they need support from the church. b. Events Church events are very influential. Those moments deserve to be captured for everyone to see. Nowadays, announcement of traditional events can be easily spread in social media. However, words can’t always give justice to how amazing events are. With our high quality, well-composed, and perfectly timed photos, everyone would feel the excitement. For example, a special event done in church is a wedding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so you would want to hire a photography team that will surely capture the beauty of this sacrament. A commission based donation will be offered from us.