Sweet Sixteen's

Sweet Sixteens or Quinceañeras are one of the most important days in a young woman’s life. We specialize in capturing this once in a lifetime event; customized for the birthday's celebrity along with her friends and family members. This is her day! We take all the steps throughout her party to make sure their photography wishes are met at her event. We personalize each photography event so they are as unique as you. Fast Photo Plus loves doing Sweet 16 and Quinceañeras parties because they are so much fun! We work regularly with teenagers so we know what they want and how they want to stunt everyone with beautiful photography. So what do teenagers want? To be with their friends, to hear their music, to have fun and have outstanding memorable Professional photography. Your professional photographer has to engage with teens and adults at your event. This takes planning, skills and experience to cover every aspect of the party. Our photography planning in advance, coupled with a one on one conversation, gives us all of the event information we need to turn your night into a “Super Sweet 16!" Our goal is to have her friends and family tell that this was the best Sweet 16 or Quinceañera photography shooting they have ever seen!