Event/Game Tickets & Registrations

Fast Photo Plus provides 3 side services perfect for any school event. These are: a. Event/Game Tickets We can provide the printed tickets which can trigger the students’/staff’s pre-event excitement! With Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media present now, it is easy for kids to show off a high-quality ticket of an event they are going to. This can visually attract other people to be interested of the school event. b. Event Reservation With the students’ and the staff’s limited time, they can’t always go through long lines to reserve themselves a slot to the school event. Fortunately, we can also create a website or a mobile application that your students’ or staffs can reserve through whether they are at home, in the office, or at the café. They will only need to submit a few requirements, such as their photo and signature, and then they can proceed to the payment. c. On-site Registration Most of the time, students or staffs volunteer for registration. However, this limits the school community from enjoying the event as a united group. We can also provide the staff and equipment, such as computers and badge printers. We will not only handle the process on-site, but we will also handle the procedures behind it all. We can cover the strategies, reports, and collection of dues as well. These side services will help the whole school community to be able to enjoy amazing events.